“Moving, Funny”
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“A theatrical creation [that] bares its soul
...and shakes its booty.”

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It's the best kind of play--because it's a comedy--but it will totally surprise you with the emotional wallop it packs. It's at once small and simple and personal...and it blows up to be big and complex and important and universal." -- John Cariani, award-winning playwright of ALMOST, MAINE.

It's a completely entertaining, moving piece about food and identity conceived, in part, as a vaudeville with song, dance, and "death-defying acts." Well-produced, lots of laughs, but also genuine insight into how one woman comes to terms with her own inner critic. (award-winning writer Debra Spark)

Wow! The layers! The comedy! The pathos! The smart text-staging-scenic elements-arc! and most of all, the uh, brass cojones, or should I say brass muffin top:-) it took to put it all together and march it out there with such great energy. Bravo. (Libby Marcus - puppet master)

The story is gorgeously written ("skating-pond voice...") and I also love how wonderfully and surprisingly the structure comes together at the very end. SO well done. (award-winning novelist Monica Wood)

Your writing, staging, and performance of this work is marvelous. I especially like the rhythm you have created that shifts back and forth between the seriousness of your experience and the more humorous/vaudeville moments. I also admire your courage for sharing your story and know that the universality of the work will appeal to many. (James Thurston, Professor of Theater, Colby College)

What audiences are saying...

Bold, entertaining, intense, and magical. (Joy Krinsky)

This show was so wonderful. I was in Portland, Maine on business and decided to see it last night (opening night). I wished my 4 daughters and wife were there with me. The message was great and performance was so well done. Hopefully Bess will bring this to Utah someday. (Joel Loosli)

The show was funny and intimate and moving and daring and so much more. (Sarah Hale Krull)

Bold and brilliant (Glenn Nerbak)