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Big Mouth Thunder Thighs
© 2013 Photo by Darren Setlow

The mission of the Big Mouth Thunder Thighs enterprise is to to engage in creative exploration of how we deal with our inner critics. We use performance as a means to spark dialogue and provide opportunities for people to tell their own stories.

We are also keenly interested in continually experimenting with how the play - the text and its staging - changes for each venue and community we visit. We're curious about how the relationship between performer and story and performer and audience changes based on the physical space in which the performance takes place. In other words, what’s the difference between doing the play on a big proscenium stage and performing in someone’s kitchen or even outdoors? We also want to hear and learn from what audiences share with each other and us after they have watched the play.

So, that means we are excited and eager to bring the show to virtually any kind of venue and as many diverse communities as we can. We have purposefully designed the show for this kind of flexibility and are committed to working with producers, presenters, community and educational organizations to make the play and workshops as accessible and affordable as possible.

Please contact us directly at the email below to start a conversation about how to bring the Big Mouth Thunder Thighs experience to your community.